sejenis cerita pendek

“Amazing 30”

Thirty could be stand for thirsty and beauty. Numbered 3 and 0 , it could have a meaning as three steps to zero sorrow. The first step is doing things with all your heart. The second is sharing every feeling with those who you loved. In addition, the third is praying and be grateful for everything you’ve got in your life.

I’m the beauty of the “Natapradja” dynasty. I always thirst for every kind of beautiful things because that is why our heart created.

Many things happened, sometimes we could not meant them easily, need time understanding it. I always try to find what life meant is, until today… Live for a living or Life for living …

My life begins at 24 actually, not 30.

As a married woman, I have passed many uncomfortable situations in my life. Being confused on choosing something or making a decision, feeling bored on doing daily activities or struggle myself for something I want which has always to be confirmed with “my heart”, with him. Within 2 or 3 years of my marriage, felt so hard when we through it with anger and egoism. Anger will cause strange conditions that make us silence or keep fighting words each other. Following your ego will bring happiness if it keeps on the right path, but in contradictory, it will make us unconscious. Those who charmed by realizing what happened, we will be cured from the blameworthy feeling. At the first time, maybe it will be hard to understand ourselves, our ego, because this ego will always be inside of you, controlling you, and could be destroying you. We could not live without ego, because it makes our spirit alive. To get something we want, we have to know what you want and try hard to reach that.

“Let your ego naturally flow, don’t let it blow!”

In this age, I have choose something makes me feel worthy for others, comfortable for myself also my family. This choice came when my emptiness was around. I want to share every story in my life to friends, everything I know to “my little brothers & sisters”, with all my heart.

Sharing is good for your soul, understanding is medicine for your heart, listening is a therapy for your patience, caring recharges your life, and giving something brings happiness.

“Beauty is relative”

“Given way is beauty if it has done because of Love”

“Getting married is beauty if it swore by honesty”

“Angry is beauty if it was colored by Scarlet Love”

Amazing things could happen in any age, but I have it in 30…

I have the amazing 30, I want to live more than 50 with the 20th spirit of life

I hope I would always beside of him and see our daughter grow happily

Passion made your soul alive, patience made your heart beauty.”

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