sejenis cerita pendek

“Looking at the angel eyes”

The morning always gives me spirit on doing my duty. I get fresh when I take a walk every morning and be grateful for the blessed.

I think I feel the magic from each morning, it always be different. We will always have so many hopes on each morning. Start from waking up the bed when the oxygen is breathing trough our brain. It creates unique reaction and creations of thinking also, especially when I see those eyes that always blinking whenever I met them or getting excited of something. “Eyes are the reflection of our soul.”

Things I’ve found trough those angel eyes :

  • Honesty ; Every time I look into their eyes, it’s like the eyes of an angel. It’s so sincere, pure, and honest. Suddenly, I feel the magic things happen. When I heard they’re talking about their world, they always tell it honestly with their big smiles. Most of the mature don’t say anything in honest easily and sometimes full of falseness. When they’re not well, they said, “I’m alright”. When they feel gloomy, they said, “I’m happy”. When they’re worried, they said, “I’m sure”.
  • Honor ; Every time they call my name “sis B”, I feel flattered. Maybe it’s just because I’m a sensitive person or it’s a gift to keep me feeling happy trough the days. A lot more feelings come when I met them and they take my right hand instantly and kiss it sincerely. I’m wondering, am I that kind of precious person to be honor? Maybe they have a good habit to honor the elder by kissing their hand. That is our tradition as an Indonesian. Many people want to honor some other although their contribution about it does not clear. They are all busy looking for an honor but they do not want to respect other.
  • Surprises ; There always surprise moments while I’m teaching them. They give comments on something we talk about in every lesson with their point of view that could make us laugh together. That is funny comment that never thought in my mind. It entertains me so much. Sometimes I reply them a little joke. Little surprise sometimes could make you smile and cheer you up all day. I sometimes want to give interesting gifts for them besides the ‘fake dollars’. I’ve ever given them some candies to make the class fun for a game we played. I’m glad, those little gifts made them happier and courage them to be more diligent in learning English.  The mature always want to get a surprise or a special gift from any one. I think, they should try to give something to others. Even though it’s a small one, our sincere when we gave it would be recharged our heart.
  • Criticize ; Most of my ‘little friends’ never hesitate to say something they don’t agree, give me ideas for playing and learn to be sportive if they didn’t get any gift.  Many people don’t accept critics, they often criticize others because those critics could make someone get angry.  On the other hand, those could make someone get more achievements if they are looking in to themselves. The rude critics could make your heart hurt but if you heard it with your open heart and your open mind, so you will fix the things right.
  • Patience ; Day by day, my patience is training by their attitudes. Every feeling we had will need to train. I have to become more patient facing them because they are like pearls which we have to treat carefully.” Our patient is the key to the happiness.

I wish I had those honest eyes… the angel eyes, they always say anything honesty without getting any harm because the angel always be with them…but in reality we will get harm if we said the truth

Only a wise man has those sincere eyes…

“The angel eyes would tell no lie, our eyes always see lies but no word can say”

“Try to be honest with something before you die or you’ll feel your heart dry”


Hope their heart would be mesmerized their parents on facing their future

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