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How to Build Children’s Leadership

Picture from www.leadershipfirstbook.com
Picture taken from http://www.leadershipfirstbook.com

There is one important thing for children on facing their future. It is leadership. Every child has a chance to be a leader. That depends on how the parents treat their children at home.

There is a simple thing that we could start doing in your parenting. Give a simple lesson on daily activities, such as talking honest. This is simple but not easy to do. Remember, our children is a ‘copy cat’. They will copy our manner and behavior. So, if want our child honest, we should do the same.

For example, when we eat two cookies, say it frankly to our child. On the other situation, when our children have a problem with school friends. Ask them what the problem is, listen carefully and see the problem objectively. Try to give some questions to your child, what makes her/ him uncomfortable. Let your child think before you judge who’s on the wrong side. Give them some advise without blaming them. So, your children will learn something about it and can make a decision by their own way.

That is a simple way to start the leadership in our children personality. Sooner or later, our children will get used to solve their problems. But parents must always be the one in the neutral position. We should guide our children way of thinking to the right one. The children who have a good communication with their parents will effect to their progress in school, especially in making friends. Parents must see what kind of type is their children. Is it leader or just a follower?

If our child always decides many things by their own decision, expressed their feelings honestly, and has more self confidence, so their are good in leadership. Their friends would always choose her/him to be a leader in a group . But when your child seems like a shame girl/boy, silent, and afraid to show what their feelings, so their would be just a follower at school. In that case, parents should fix the communication to their child.

Communication eye-to-eye is a very important thing to do to make our children more comfortable and build the bonding love between parents and children. Honesty is the main thing we should have in building the great leadership to our children. They will be the next leader of our country. It is our great duty to build their character.

365 days' Project, Artikel Parenting

How to Support Your Kids Creativity

Making comics
Puga is making comics
I like reading
I like reading at the library

Having kids is a precious gift from God. The gift that we should be gratefull. In order to fulfil our responsibility, as parents, we should support whatever our kids need. Start from their meal at the breakfast time, their clothes, their hobbies, and their entertain needs.

I am a mom and adore my single daughter so much. My daughter likes drawing so much. I see this talent when she was 3 years old. When I gave her a coloring marker, she suddenly made some lines and some ‘abstract’ thing on the paper. I wasn’t realized at that time, but during her growth and her interest to drawing, I amazed by her unique picture. Because I know that kids have their own imagination which adult didn’t has.

Year by year, I see my daughter has a great talent on drawing. She is more creative when I bought her some coloring pencil, crayons, marker, and a thick sketchbook. I always capture her drawing when she finished it. She also likes reading comics and watching a lot of animation movies. She often gives some critical statement about the movie story.

Sometime, I feel like my passion is revealed by my daughter interest. Mostly, when she told me, she wants to be an architect. I hope she will be graduated from the best university in Bandung someday, on graphic design major or architecture faculty. I believed she will get on her passion. I just can see it now on her.

My big mission, as parents, is encourage my daughter’s dreams. I have to push myself to be a ‘good dream manager’ for my daughter without pushing herself to do it. An intensive communication will be the main key to know what our kid likes and dislikes. We should be prepared for any condition that would be happen to our kid on chasing their dreams. Remember, to discuss all those planning with your partner (husband).

Education savings is one of the important thing to be prepared but the most one is our mental supports. So your kid would be more confidence in their achievement and could learning their failure in the right way.

Give your kids some complement on their learning progress in order to make them feel exist. Don’t waste your time to blame on your children’s hobby but concern on what their positive side of it.

A short story comic by Puga Rarasantang
A short story comic by Puga Rarasantang