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4 Things That Make Your Children Smarter

Every children are special. Depends on how parents treat and taking care of them. My experience told me that the more we gain our children’s ability, the more they get smarter. These are 4 main things that make your children smarter.


Musik Angklung
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Trough music, children’s IQ will be increasing. When a baby listens to music, his brain will accept some signal that will give good effect to its nerves. It will help the brain growth. Listening and playing music also works to children to get smarter especially when they able to play one of the music instrument. Sing a song will be one of the simple thing to make children’s memory better. Just do those things happily with their parents. In my experience, I always sing some children song when my daughter was 1-3 years old. I got surprised when she gets more talkative and speak clearly. Now, she is 10 and love to play Angklung at school once a week. She also eager to learn playing guitar. I think, I will buy her a classic guitar first for her training.


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This is the first thing that children know. They heard mom’s voice when they were in mom’s uterus. As they born, more vocabularies will be heard. Although a baby couldn’t talk yet, but making conversation in his mother tongue will make his brain growth and increasing speaking ability.

When the children grow being a teenager, teach them some good mother tongue, polite sentences, and other foreign language. So, they could learn a lot more than they know at school. Trough a simple thing that they see in daily activities, we could say some vocabularies. They will remain it and ask more about it. By the time they get more vocabularies, they will be able to make sentences and making conversation in foreign language.


reading with children
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Children usually love pictures and short dialogue on books. As parents we have to choose the appropriate books for them. But the most important thing is we have to read with them not reading for them. So the bonding between parents and children will happen. When the children asking some question about the story, we could give them some advice about the character in the story. The children will get a lot of information and knowledge trough reading. Do this habit regularly so the children will love reading books. Just make it fun for a smarter children’s brain.


Photo : my courtesy
Photo : my courtesy

This is also the main thing on making children smarter. When we give healthy food, children’s body will be healthy too. Give them balance nutrition everyday so it will affect their way of thinking and their brain health. Protein sources will be the nice substance in their meal for breakfast for example. We have to combine some other sources such as carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables. So, all of that substances will be reacted in their body to support their activities well.

Healthy food will create healthy brain.

So, be a smart parents for smarter children.