sejenis cerita pendek

“Rainbow without raining”

The rainbow usually appears after the rain. It will always be a beautiful view to see, especially when we feel the emptiness or gloomy, even when we are happy. The rainbow is one of the greatness of God. The rainbow has beautiful colors that can make us amazed seeing it.

In my concept, it doesn’t have to be raining to see it. The colors of the rainbow will appear, as you need it. The rain is just the vital component to make the rainbow perfect.  Just like when we were feeling so sad, then there are many things could cheer us up.

From the 7 (seven) colors we see from the rainbow, we will also know what the meaning are. The first is RED; this color means courage and passion also self-confidence. We will get those positive things from a friend who has the red color character. When our spirit goes down, we will need his/her suggestions to increase our spirit back. That’s me, myself.

Second, ORANGE; this kind of person could make us hypnotized by their charm. They are always cheering up, brave, creative and a little bit hard, other influenced them. When we were confused, we have to know this person and stay closed with to get the positive energy from them. I have this energy from new friends.

Third, YELLOW; this color always spreads brightness, creativity and socializes. I always admire this kind of person, moreover he has an old in mind. For those one who is around him, will hush our heart. When we are stuck, feeling there is no way out on a problem, we will need this person. Sometimes, we will miss him/her in any condition because he/she always gives us bright way of thinking. I get this color trough my beloved husband and uncle also.

Fourth, GREEN; I don’t know much this kind of friends. Maybe someone like this is full of peaceful just like the green grass and someone you can lean on. When we are tired or get exhausted on something that we have going through, this person will reduce our weary. Only by telling him/her what things have made us tired, he/she will accommodate it with his/her cool smile. A mother is a shoulder to cry on and so is a best friend.

Fifth, BLUE; just like the color of the ocean, it makes us calm, cooling and entertaining in the same time, high minded also. We need this person when we feel the sorrow and madness through the days. My brothers and cousins are just like this blue ocean. They are not making me so blue but their color make me un-blue. Make the laughter around me and my heart brighter.

Sixth & the last one, INDIGO & PURPLE; It’s the mysterious one, but this person has a hidden power to prove his/her ability. He/she has a high dedication, social caring and strong leadership. All of my grandmothers have those characters, which inspired me so much. I’ve known some friends who has this color of soul. They are all a good fighter on facing their life and my teachers are too.

Even though there are some gradations between those seven colors but every color of the rainbow represents each character of person. New friends, best friend, relatives, parents, strangers, all of them coloring our heart, become a rainbow in our heart. No matter how the gradation is strong or not, there is no difference in between…the unique of those color what matters. Our mood changes dynamically so does the colors of our heart.

Need no raining or changing sunlight to see the rainbow,

it will always be there… in our heart.

Rainbow makes your life colorful

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